images/original/Small-Icons-Colour-Air-Con.png Air Conditioning and Climate Control from Henwood Garage Ashford

Air conditioning and climate control are often high on the list of driver options when selecting a new vehicle, but it seems to be one of those important features that can be easily overlooked when it comes to servicing and maintenance.

In general use, most air conditioning systems lose as much as 10-15% of their effectiveness every year and this can result in deteriorating air quality in your vehicle and potentially using additional fuel as your unit works overtime to maintain the correct cabin temperature.

Air Conditioning does not feature as part of the MOT inspection and is not normally checked on a routine service unless you specifically request it. At Henwood Garage we thinks its good practice to have your system thoroughly checked every two years to ensure you maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of this important feature. So, if you are struggling to achieve the right temperature, keep cool in the summer or demist your windscreen quickly in colder weather then it’s definitely a sensible time for a system check.

We can diagnose, maintain and re-gas the air conditioning system in virtually all cars and commercial vehicles and we give you a read out that explains the status of your unit which we will discuss with you before the work begins.

The introduction of a more environmentally friendly air con gas (R1234YF) was phased in from 2014 and became a mandatory requirement on all new vehicles with air conditioning and climate control from January 2017 due to regulatory changes. Older vehicles may still require the original gas refrigerant (R134A). At Henwood Garage, our experienced technicians will be able to identify exactly what type of gas your system requires and use state of the art equipment to help diagnose problems, test for leaks, service and re-gas your system no matter how old your vehicle.

So if you want to keep your air conditioning and climate control working effectively and your driving environment at its best in all weathers then simply visit our service centre, call 01233 665007 or email us your registration number and we can give you an estimate for the work.



Great garage, been going here for about 5 years and always very helpful and friendly

Sads Thebassist
Great little garage always use them staff are very helpful and friendly well recommend

Nancy Barlow
Very accommodating, great price and couldn't be more helpful. Helped me out at very short notice with my classic

Matthew Armstrong